We are different. We listen, we manage, we deliver.
我们与众不同, 我们认真倾听, 我们质量至上, 我们善始善终!

Melbourne based Executive Director, Dr Yvonne Zhou-Grundy has the knowledge, business acumen and over 20 years of experience in developing ongoing business relationships between Australia and China.

AMI Specializes in Business to Business, Business to Government and Student services. AMI – Australian Management International, has operated out of Melbourne for 20 years and is well placed to initiate, develop and implement strategic business projects in Australia and China.

AMI Services include:

  • Managing cross cultures in trade and investment;
  • Providing comprehensive services to new migrants;
  • Facilitating government and business study groups;
  • Fostering tertiary educational links

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email: info@amiau.com.au

email: info@amiau.com.au